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The objective of hygienic design is to reduce or eliminate the risk that there may be a source of physical, chemical or microbiological contamination for food, both directly and indirectly. In addition, the food grade design pursues two other purposes, such as facilitating cleaning and disinfection and contributing to the conservation and maintenance of the equipment or installation itself. Therefore, the hygienic design concept combines mechanical, technology and food hygiene factors. Countless factors must be taken into account, such as construction materials, contact surfaces, accessibility, drainability, hermetism, etc.

Food plants. Cold rooms. Freezing chambers. Frozen storage warehouses. Refrigerated storage warehouses. Commissaries. Vegetable sorting plants. Sanitary customs. .Vegetable pre-coolers. Pe-channel coolers. Railyard. Refrigerated platforms. Meat processing plants. Rastro food packing plants. Distribution centers

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